Monday, August 13, 2012

Bliss is Contagious...

I LOVE the Fire Smile created by the dancer!

What a Beautiful week - word about Maui BlissFest 2012 is getting out, and the responses are awesome!  It's been pure delight watching the faces of people "light up" as they see the art on our flyers and instantly catch the spirit of the event.

Bliss is spreading all over Maui, and it is the coolest thing to watch grow!  It's even cooler being a part of the Bliss Wave...and the seed purpose to "Activate Maui in 2012."

We've secured our Fire Dancers for the event, and they are absolutely electric!  Little Beach Fire Dancers put on quite the show Sunday, August 12, 2012.  I'll share a few shots here, and of course on our Facebook page.

My favorite "fire shot" of the night.

Fire Dancers Rockin' It!

BLISS...all fired up

We're sure they'll light up Maui BlissFest 2012 too, and we're thrilled to have them.  Gonna fly or now, but... "May the Bliss be with YOU!"

We're Blissin' Out On Maui...
The Maui BlissFest Team

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